The Blooming Of Mother Nature

She noticed me first underneath her nails. I began with a shadowy green; a tint that looked like the tips of her fingers had been deprived of oxygen, and a touch that was roughened in texture. It was there that she noticed my budding stems, germinating and feeding off of the accumulated grime.

At first she thought nothing of me, she thought perhaps it was simply adolescent discoloration, but my shadow soon cast colour as the buds continued to grow. She feared contamination and scrubbed away at the soil underneath her nails in which I was beginning to thrive. But she was never quite clean enough and she was far too fertile, I persisted every time.

She eventually realised it would be futile to stop me, and by now I had wrapped timid taproots around her fingers. They spread out like capillaries, a visible mapping out of my invasion. In addition, they had begun to fuse her fingers together creating a web like effect, making day-to-day life an impossibility to carry out.

She reacted as her kind would, with horror at my invasion. Continue reading The Blooming Of Mother Nature